Finding Rest

I'm tired.  it's that point in the summer really.  camps have been going in full force, I've got another one next week...not only that, the football season is about to launch and with Mandy taking on the cheer role, its added different challenges.

don't get me wrong, I'm excited, really am.  it's so cool to see where our lives are at, and how God has blessed us and given us opportunities to love on His people.  one of the things I'm so thankful for is my default when I'm tired.  my energy level started dipping about 45 minutes ago, as did a bit of my spirit as I was overcome with the workload on me for the week and rather than thinking about what craptastic food I could go consume, I thought about going to the gym for 30 min or pounding out an 8 min ab routine...this one being a favorite:

even after not consuming the garbage and thinking about what exercise I could crank out, I found myself breathing deep and resting in Christ.  as crazy as it seems, I find myself taking more moments to rest in Jesus, the busier I am.  I don't know if it has anything to do with I'm far more aware of my need for the presence of the Spirit then or what...but I'm definitely grateful for the presence and assurance of the Spirit in the midst of the exhaustion and massive task list. 
do me a favor and say this with me...no one will die if it doesn't get done today.  what a relief huh?  the more I tell myself that, the more freedom I've given myself to take those moments and rest in Christ.  go figure...